February 1, 2008
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Our mission is to maintain Griffin Sales & Service as the sales, service and marketing leader delivering total sales and project management with unequalled integrity and time-proven results.  We have been delivering on this goal since 1995, operating out of a 17,000 square foot facility in Stockbridge, Georgia, which houses our administrative and warehouse / planogram facilities.

Griffin Sales & Service is a full service retail sales and marketing company. Our services include, but are not limited to, Marketing, Sales, Planogramming, Retail Store Service, Special Projects, Program Resets and Launches. With over 100 years of retail experience, our management teams extensive network of resources and personal contacts have consistently delivered successful projects, product, and service management for our customers.

As a multi-dimensional organization we provide added value over traditional sales and service agencies by repeatedly producing significant growth in sales and profits for manufacturers and retailers. Our programs are customized to meet the rapidly changing demands of today’s retail environment. This enables us to generate the greatest productivity and return for all parties. The integration of sales and service guarantees total execution of promotional plans and merchandising goals enhancing any program

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